2nd corinthians 4 The good news bring light

In the passage of second Corinthians 4, the first few verses talk about humility and transparency. In Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth, he explains that we as believers have received the work of ministry in God’s mercy and so it is expected that we are truthful and honest in how we handle God’s word. In its simplicity and its pure form. Changing the message to include things are not true is dishonest and not of God.

Moreover, God watches us and so do people. The right impression you give people matters a whole lot and when you handle the word of God as you should, people would want to hear you and can perceive that you are a person of integrity. When we are diligent with God’s word, we are able to show others that we are honest and good – in our speech and in our deeds.

In the further verses, Paul makes us understand that people who do not have God cannot understand the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that we preach. This is because their minds are in the dark and it has made them blind to the light which is in the gospel. When we preach the good news to people, we want them to know Jesus as Lord. This is not about us but the one who has sent us. That is what the gospel is all about.

The light of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has shined deep in us and this light is in Christ’s face. Because in Christ, we see how great and good God is. The only way to know the Father is by His son – Jesus Christ, who came from His bosom (see Heb. 1:1-3).

The life that the message of the gospel gives is a very valuable gift that we have received. Although as weak (like clay pots) as our bodies may be, it cannot be compared to magnitude of strength we have on our inside. It is this strength that keeps us whole; that makes us never lose hope, never alone, never forsaken and never destroyed.

When we take this message all out, we become a witness for people to see how God is changing us even in our weak, human bodies. We are not perfect but on the road to being better and better as our perfection is found in Him. The way it is obvious you believe in something is how well you speak about it. It is not just something you think in your head but it is something you want to tell others about. A man’s beliefs can be measured by what he says repeatedly.

We become true followers of Christ by leading men to God. This is only possible when we take the message all out to people.  As we get to share the good news, we are being changed by the day and people come to know God more and more and share Him to others as well. There are troubles and challenges that we will go through during our time here on Earth but these are meant to prepare us for the greater things that God wants to do in our lives and so we focus on what we cannot see for now compared to what we can see. For the things we see and go through will eventually have an end but the beauty of the things we do not see is that they will last forever.

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