Isaiah 40:28-31 The limitless strength of God

The Father is an eternal God; that means that anything He does or gives is forever and does not run out because it comes from Him. That is who He is. The life He gave us in Christ Jesus is a valuable gift that never fades away. It is called everlasting life because it is truly everlasting. This is because the Father is an eternal God who is not bound by space or time. So His deeds and gifts are eternal. His love, mercy, grace, blessings, protection; the fullness of His life is forever.

The reason there is so much strength the believer can ask God for at anytime, and not exhaust Him, is because God never depletes. He is beyond time and so has no end. This is the amazing thing about salvation; how that the Father came to share His life with us because of His love for us.

The Father’s strength is so inexhaustible that no matter how many people will need it, He is ever willing to give it in its full measure.

One of the many beautiful things about God is that anything that comes from Him has the power to sustain itself for as long as we need it. The gift of the Holy Spirit was given to us at salvation and it is that same spirit within us that gives us the ability to know and fully express all that we have received in Christ Jesus. (see 1 Cor. 2:12). So the strength of God in a believer has the power to sustain the believer who has asked for strength.

At times, life throws at us so many challenges that get us weak and almost helpless. Jesus said in John 16:33 “…In this world, ye shall have tribulation…” Jesus already confirms here that this is sure to happen. So we need to understand that the believer will go through challenges of life. That is part of life. But the last part of that same verse is my favourite part, it says “…:but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” So as long as we are still in this world and we live in his earthly body, we would always have challenges but the good news is that God our Father wants us to overcome these challenges. We cannot run through these challenges by our own strength but by Him who has overcome for us already. This is so much easier than doing it ourselves.

The latter part of this verse says that even young men get tired. This is because it is not about your physical strength because that will eventually run out with time. But the strength of God is ever available for the believer. God wants you to rely and on Him for strength, that’s why He has made it readily available for your use. When you rely on God’s strength, you conquer all oppositions of life that stand in the way and you live a victorious life.

The last part of our main text describes those who put their trust in God, their strength shall be renewed like the eagles. An eagle does not fly when suspended in the air. It simply plucks its wings with the current of the wind and once it does that, the eagle soars all through the flight. God does that same thing for the man in Christ who depends on Him for strength always. No matter the challenges or obstacles, God’s strength is far greater than it. Seek God’s strength today and begin to soar like an eagle.

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